IntPay can support your global initiatives by specialising in the sourcing and management of business service providers in all corners of the world. With contacts in over 160 countries we can source all of your requirements for payroll, staff leasing, accounting and legal services. Our trusted partners are based in country and are experts in their field.

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What We Do

Provision of the right In Country Partner (ICP) is essential. IntPay will introduce clients to ICPs in most countries around the world. During the process we can broker the contact and manage the relationship to the satisfaction of all parties. Introductions to Partners are FREE OF CHARGE to all clients.

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International Payroll Services

FREE SERVICE TO CLIENTS ** With hundreds of contacts all over the world IntPay probably already has the In Country Partner you need to ensure quality services wherever you need them. We can broker contact, provide basic information quickly, initiate discussions and help you choose the right partner to work with.

International Vendor Management

IntPay already have established relationships with many of our ICPs. Over time we are constantly working with them, understanding country nuances, understanding the partner and their working practices and educating them in how international clients work in a global market. We work to ensure a quality standard defined by IntPay ensuring consistency.

Client Account Management

To maintain an effective triangular relationship between Client, Partner and Broker, IntPay, as well as managing Partners will also work with clients to ensure their strategic objectives are met and that issues are dealt with across the world. Thus relieving the burden of having to manage multiple cultures and time zones.

Global Payroll Consulting

With a great depth of experience in delivering business solutions, IntPay can offer high value Consulting in the field of global payroll strategy and execution. From the initial definition of the global strategy to the building the requirement and roadmap, to final international payroll implementation, IntPay can provide guidance and resources to help ease the pain.

International Business Development

We are currently working closely with groups of In Country Partners and a number of media channels to expand knowledge, appreciation and development of the International Payroll market. This will serve to further develop local and regional markets thereby.

  • Encouraging a unified approach
  • Increase knowledge and understanding of Global Payroll
  • Bring together networks of service providers
  • Increasing quality and satisfaction across the payroll world